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Wireless TV Senders render key fobs useless

Wireless TV Senders render key fobs useless
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Ofcom has received reports of 140 cases of car key fobs ceasing to function thanks to ‘TV senders’.

The £80 devices, which plug into a satellite receiver and transmit television signals wirelessly to other TVs in the house, work on the same frequency as some car key fobs.

When a faulty device is used the frequency is leaked into the street and causes key fobs to stop working.

An incident occurred on Diamond Road in Southampton, when a number of residents discovered on a Saturday morning that their keys no longer worked. Because of the high number of faulty keys on the steet, the likelihood of simultaneous battery failure was deemed unlikely.

Ofcom received a call and investigated the incident, swiftly discovering the faulty TV Sender. As soon as it was deactivated the key fobs began to work again.

Ofcom has stated that when an incident like this is reported, it must send a team to find out how many people on the affected street have been inconvenienced by the incident.