GGR boosts Ford Fiesta ST to a whopping 240bhp

GGR boosts Ford Fiesta ST to a whopping 240bhp

16 September 2014

Ford tuning specialist Graham Goode Racing (GGR) has announced the GGR Fiesta ST 240, which as the name implies squeezes a mighty 240bhp from the Fiesta ST.

That means this faster Fiesta has a massive 60bhp more than the standard car – a 33% increase over the regular Fiesta ST’s 180bhp output. Torque rises to 343lb ft too, up from 290.

The overhaul comprises a new high-flow air induction system for the Fiesta ST’s 1.6-litre Ecoboost turbo engine, plus an ECU tweak courtesy of engine management software specialist Superchips.

The induction system includes a silicon air induction hose and a large cone K&N air filter, forming an easy power boost because, according to GGR, the Fiesta ST’s filter is the same as that in any other Fiesta runabout and basically chokes the engine.

And if you’re worried about the resulting Fiesta ST becoming a bit unmanageable with 240bhp on tap, here’s what GGR has to say on the issue: “On the road the performance and throttle response is staggering when provoked but extremely drivable, user-friendly, quiet and linear in its delivery, making for an exciting, refined drive in the best GGR tradition.” So there.

The GGR Fiesta ST 240 conversion costs £729 fitted, and can be purchased from either Leicester-based Graham Goode Racing, or partner Superchips in Buckingham.

The kit supersedes the GGR Fiesta ST 225, though anyone that owns a 225 can upgrade if they’re desperate for the extra 15 horses.

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